CommunityWindermere Kingston May 7, 2024

New Agent Spotlight: Michelle Elsom

Michelle Elsom has lived in Kitsap County for over thirty years, and her local expertise has already benefitted her clients. We’re so glad she joined our Windermere Kingston office, and we connected with her to learn more about her interesting background.

What drew you to real estate? 

There wasn’t one thing that made me land in real estate, but a series of things I love and life influences that pointed me in this direction.  I love maps & geography, and that was further fueled by discovering parcel search and all the public records available.  I have always loved architecture and admire people like Frank Lloyd Wright.  My husband and I have built 2 homes and enjoy the construction process. We did much of the work ourselves. One remains as a long-term rental, and the other is our primary residence.  We love to travel and when we do, we stay in vacation rentals versus hotels.  So, when I wanted to reinvent my professional self, we purchased a cabin in the woods and ran it as a short-term rental.  Finally, my professional background provided more puzzle pieces that made real estate a natural choice.

What made you decide to work with Windermere? 

I wanted to work with a brokerage that has a great reputation with great brokers who are well respected. 

What unique professional experiences enhance your abilities as a realtor? 

Some of my more rewarding experiences have been participating as a key member in the design and implementation of 11 remodels and brand-new builds within the grocery industry.  This is very creative work requiring heavy project management skills and the ability to design great customer experiences (product selection & merchandising, guest hospitality & service).  I love having a vision on a blueprint and watching that become real through construction and how people interact with it.  To me, real estate transactions are large projects to manage.  You must develop systems to stay organized, timelines & checklists to stay on track, and communication processes that inform and deliver information.  And it is still about creating great experiences for my clients.

How long have you lived here, and what brought you here?

I have lived in Kitsap County for 31 years, 6 of which were spent on Bainbridge aboard my 38’ Downeaster Sailboat and the rest here in Kingston. I grew up in Spokane and moved to Seattle after graduation. Finding a marina as a live aboard brought me to Bainbridge, where I had existing friends.

Which areas do you serve, and what do you love about those areas? 

I love Kitsap County & Jefferson County as primary places to work.  The unique geography of the area, with so many waterways, mountains, and beautiful nature, appeals to the photographer in me and the nature lover that I am.  I love being able to work where I live and share what I know about our area with others.  Also, I love anywhere along Hood Canal, which brings me to Mason County, too.  I am also comfortable in Clallam and Pierce County (our side of the Narrows Bridge). 

What personality traits do you think are important in this profession? 

It’s really important to lead with integrity, be trustworthy and reliable, and have a strong moral compass. Also, a great realtor needs to have excellent communication skills, whether relaying information or actively listening to clients. Every transaction is unique and people are buying and selling for all kinds of reasons, so having empathy is crucial as well. Persistence is important because not every transaction is easy and requires being able to work through challenges and problem-solve.

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself with us, Michelle! We’re proud to have Michelle Elsom on our Windermere Kingston team. You can learn more about Michelle by checking out her website and you can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.