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Spring Home Maintenance & Cleaning Hacks

Longer days and warmer weather are ahead! Now is a good time to evaluate your home and tackle outdoor projects. Saying goodbye to the damp, cold winter months also means taking action to address the aftereffects of all those gray and gloomy days. The following spring home maintenance and cleaning hacks will help you better enjoy the spring and summer months.

Clean Your Gutters

While it’s probably the least appealing home maintenance task, cleaning your gutters is very important. Winter weather clogs gutters with sticks, leaves, and other debris. Gutters play an essential role in keeping water safely away from your home. If your home’s gutters are clogged, built-up water can cause wood rot, roof leaks, basement flooding, and even damage to the foundation. So, make time to conduct this not fun, but very necessary task. If you want to tackle this project yourself, check out these gutter-cleaning tips. Also, if you notice any damage to your gutters, this is a good time to have them fixed or replaced.

Inspect Your Roof

While cleaning your gutters, it’s also a great idea to inspect your roof. Winter storms can wreak havoc and cause damage. Check for any loose, damaged, or missing shingles. If you’re not able to see the whole roof safely, you can also use binoculars or a camera with a zoom lens to get a better look at harder-to-reach areas. If you see any damage, hire a professional roofing company to make the necessary repairs immediately. A healthy and functioning roof is key to a happy home. The last thing you want is water leaking in and causing damage. Spring home maintenance tasks help prepare your home for the rest of the year.

Check for Wood Rot

Rain can take a toll on homes, especially in the Pacific Northwest. Checking for wood rot around windows and doors, and in attics and basements is important. Wood rot makes your home more susceptible to wood-boring insects such as termites. Additionally, this issue can also impact anything made of wood around your home, such as fences, porches, dog houses, etc. Take time to determine if you have wood rot. If you think the answer is yes, it’s best to contact a professional to fix the problem.

Service Your Air Conditioner

If you have central air, that usually means your air conditioner has also been sitting outside and experiencing the winter weather. Spring is a great time to make sure your air conditioner is ready for the hot summer months ahead. If you feel comfortable cleaning the HVAC system system on your own, follow these detailed steps. Alternatively, you can hire a local professional. Not only can an expert service your air conditioner, but they can also clear your air ducts as well. Either way, you’ll thank yourself when the hottest days of the year arrive.

Clean Your Filters and Vents

Filters and vents circulate air throughout your home, which is why it’s important to keep them clean. While vents and filters aren’t always in the easiest-to-reach places, it’s usually still possible to clean them effectively with a vacuum. Or, if it’s time to do a deep clean, this vent cleaning article has all the information you need to get started. Once you’re done, you’ll feel better knowing you’re breathing clean air again.

Tackle the Oven

Hosting visitors during the winter holidays and cooking many meals during the wet winter months can lead to an extra dirty oven. While cleaning the oven is often a dreaded cleaning chore, it doesn’t have to be. With several natural cleaning options and recommendations from experts, this list of oven-cleaning hacks has everything you need. As is the case with most things, the more often you clean, the less challenging the chore. But even if you haven’t tackled the oven in a while, you’ll be able to find a great way to get it done effectively. And while you’re at it, you might as well clean the microwave, too.

Dust the Baseboards

Baseboards are one of those things that are easy to forget about but still get dirty. Make your life easier by using dryer sheets. Not only will the dryer sheet pick up dust, dirt, and pet fur, but it will help repel dust later as well. After you test this great tip, you’ll want to check out the many other ways you can clean with dryer sheets.

Deep Clean Your Dishwasher

One item people commonly forget to clean is the dishwasher. There are simple cleaning tasks you can do each month to keep your dishwasher running smoothly. Also, there are deep cleaning tasks that should be done once or twice a year. This cleaning combination will keep your dishes extra clean and your machine happy.

Plant Your Garden

This is the perfect time of year to revive your garden and yard! There are so many options when it comes to gardening, whether you’re planting flowers or vegetables. Either way, a nice-looking garden will elevate your home’s curb appeal. This home improvement article provides great information, listing local experts and places where you can purchase plants. Lastly, make sure you review these spring gardening tips as you finalize your spring home maintenance plan.