Community March 28, 2022

Easy Ways to Volunteer and Connect to Kitsap’s Community

Want to connect to Kitsap’s community and volunteer in a fun, easy way? Helping a Kitsap County non-profit is a great way to meet new people, enjoy time with friends or family members, and even learn something new. 

Volunteer in Kingston

Heronswood Garden

Run by the Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe, this botanical paradise works to restore, maintain, and develop its unique horticulture. Additionally, they host social events, plant sales, educational programs, and tours that recognize the heritage of the garden and Tribe. Currently, Heronswood is looking for volunteers to help with operations, public plant sales, and other special events. Check out our video below to get a glimpse of Heronswood.

Kingston North Kitsap Rotary

The International Rotary Foundation does incredible work around the world, and our local Kingston North Kitsap Rotary club helps our community in many ways. To get involved, there’s an application process, and once you’re accepted, you’ll have many volunteer activities to choose from. Some examples include their “order bombing” initiative to support local businesses, helping to restore Kingston’s Scout Hall, and fundraising through their annual golf tournament (coming up in June).

ShareNet Food Bank

ShareNet Food Bank is on a mission to fight hunger in North Kitsap with meaningful programs. They have many opportunities to get involved, such as food sorting, website maintenance, and grocery store drivers. Additionally, ShareNet also runs a thrift store. They’re in need of volunteers to help with cashiering, merchandising, and social media management. 

Village Green Community Center

The Village Green Community Center is home to the Boys and Girls Club and Kingston’s branch of the Kitsap Library. VGCC offers a gym/multipurpose room and meeting rooms for many organizations. The Center provides educational classes, informational sessions, and puts on great events like Kingston’s annual Pie in the Park. However, in order for the VGCC to run smoothly, they need volunteers who can help with events and at the front desk. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact Linda Fyfe

Volunteer in Poulsbo

Fishline Food Bank & Comprehensive Services

Serving North Kitsap for 54 years, Fishline Food Bank is one of the oldest food banks in the United States. Fishline offers volunteer opportunities with different scheduling options. Currently, they are looking for people to help in their healthy foods market and their thrift store. 

Poulsbo Historical Society

Working to preserve Poulsbo’s history, the Poulsbo Historical Society is an interesting place to volunteer. You don’t have to know all about Poulsbo’s history to help out. You can learn on the go. At the moment, they are looking for weekly volunteers for either morning or afternoon shifts. If you happen to have a background in video editing, they are also looking for volunteer video editors to curate videos of historical programs and interviews. 

Poulsbo Parks And Recreation

Poulsbo Parks and Recreation needs volunteers to maintain affordable recreational programs for the community. Specifically, they are looking for volunteers to help with special events, coaching, athletics, gym supervision, arts and clerical work. They even have a teen volunteer internship program for youth 13 or older.

Volunteer on Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art (BIMA)

Bainbridge Island Museum of Art exhibits the art of both masters and emerging artists. BIMA needs volunteers and will work with your schedule and interests to find a tailored role. In particular, volunteer opportunities can include docents, administrative volunteers, event support and exhibition installation crew.

Bainbridge Parks

Volunteering with Bainbridge Island Metro Park and Recreation District is a great way to learn new skills and connect with the community. Volunteers have a range of responsibilities and even serve as assistant instructors during programs. To volunteer, simply fill out an application on their website. 

Bainbridge Youth Services

Bainbridge Youth Services has provided counseling services to the island’s youth for over 50 years. Teens and adults are encouraged to volunteer. Right now, they especially need volunteers for two significant events: the 4th of July Fun Run and Hope Glows.

PAWS of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap

PAWS aims to reduce pet overpopulation and the unnecessary euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. They are looking for volunteers to fill a variety of roles. In particular, they’re seeking adoption counselors, event volunteers, feline enrichment team members, foster homes, and people to work in the pet food bank.

How We Give Back

Community service is one of Windermere’s core values. Many Windermere agents volunteer with and/or donate to the aforementioned organizations. Additionally, Windermere hosts an annual Community Service Day and has done so for the past 37 years. Every year, Windermere offices close so our agents and staff can spend a day volunteering to support local non-profits.

The Windermere Foundation also invests in local organizations, supporting local food banks, educational programs, and more. A portion of every agent’s commission is donated to the Foundation. To date, our Windermere offices have collectively raised over $45 million, supporting over 500 organizations.

There’s so much we can do to give back. A few hours spent helping out locally may seem like a small thing, but all of our efforts combined can make a big difference. And, a more community-minded way of life means stronger local connections and an even greater appreciation for this wonderful place we get to call home.