Home August 23, 2021

Declutter and Downsize to Simplify Your Life

Whether you’re a homeowner who’s ready to downsize or you’d really like to get reorganized and clear out extra stuff, we have some helpful tips for you. Even with an enthusiastic approach, starting the process of decluttering or working toward a more simplified life can feel overwhelming. But with our advice below, you’ll be able to easily make progress and you’ll feel much better.

Start Small and Start Now

You may think you need a large block of time to start decluttering and reorganizing, but you can actually get started today. Simply pick a drawer to go through today, and then maybe pick two tomorrow, and so on. If you prefer time-based tasks, set a timer. Spend 30 minutes a day shredding old documents you don’t need and reorganizing items you do need.

While it can be challenging to determine if your sentimental items go into the “yes” or “no” pile, it is an important part of the process. In the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo teaches a decluttering method that has gained popularity worldwide. Also, our article, Tips and Tricks to Get (and Stay) Organized, has additional info about the KonMari Method.

Utilize Technology

If you have boxes of old papers, cards, and/or other mementos and can’t keep them all, don’t forget all the technology we have today to preserve and protect our favorite memories. You can easily take photos of these things and upload them to the Cloud. You can store them on iPhoto, Google Drive, Dropbox, or something similar. While we definitely still appreciate printed photos that are framed or kept in photo albums, having a digital file will give you the peace of mind that you’ll have a safe copy of it. You can easily download and print them or make a slideshow when you have more time. And, digital photo frames are also a great way to treasure a bunch of photos when you don’t have a lot of wall space.

For documents or cards that you’d like to save without having to hold onto boxes of the originals, consider using an app like Genius Scan. Apps like this function as a scanner. So, you can quickly scan documents by using your phone’s camera. From there, you can create a PDF and email it to yourself or others. Additionally, newer iPhones also have this capability built-in through the Notes app. See this guide to using the scanner on your iPhone.

Examine Ways to Finance Downsizing

Since downsizing comes with both buying and selling a home, here are some loan options to assist you if you need to finance your move. From Bridge Loans to a HELOC (Home Equity Line Of Credit), there are some helpful options to consider. Be sure to research them and keep your expectations in check along the way so that you’re fully aware of the process and costs involved. For example, it’s crucial to get an accurate estimate of your home’s current worth. We highly recommend connecting with one of our local experts who can provide a free market analysis.

Consider Space-Saving Furniture

If you currently own a large home and plan to move into a much smaller home like a condo, you may want to start fresh with some space-saving, multifunctional furniture. Wall beds like this one from Costco function as a bed for guests and as a desk for your home office. Need some extra storage space? This Crate and Barrel bench is a nice option that can add to your room’s aesthetic. Coffee tables like this Wayfair option can turn into a desk. There are many furniture options to consider that will fit your lifestyle and maximize space.