HomeSellers June 22, 2021

7 DIY Projects to Increase Curb Appeal

DIY landscaping projects are a lot of fun and very rewarding. They also increase your home’s curb appeal. What exactly is “curb appeal”? To put it simply, it’s the general attractiveness of a property from the sidewalk, and a prospective buyer’s initial impression. Whether you’re thinking of selling or you’re simply wanting an updated look, increasing your curb appeal is a great way to give your home a boost. Here at Windermere, we’re fans of easy DIY projects that enhance your home in many ways. So, we compiled seven ideas to get you started. 

1. Gardening

Adding interesting plants and flowers quickly livens up a home’s exterior. You definitely want to do a bit of research to ensure that the plants you choose will do well in our Zone 8b climate. Tulips, daffodils, cherry and plum trees are beautiful bloomers in early spring. In late spring, we love seeing vibrant rhododendrons, phlox, and Pacific dogwoods, to name a few. Lavender, hydrangeas, and dahlias are all gorgeous summer additions to your yard or porch. In fall, chrysanthemums, asters, and helenium are easy to grow and add a bit of cheer to colder, gray days. If you’d like to spruce up an area with some foliage, consider heucheras (also known as coral bells), hostas, and ferns. For more ideas, check out this list of 15 perennial plants for our area.

2. Maintaining Green Lawns

If you don’t have a green thumb, simply maintaining a green lawn will make your home significantly more attractive. In fact, mowing, trimming, and fertilizing the lawn will improve the natural color of the grass. This, in turn, will brighten up the house. Weeds and moss are also commonly complained about in our area. If moss has been an issue for you, you’ll want to tackle it in late winter or early spring. For weeds, it’s important to first identify which types of weeds are your primary source of frustration. Next, create a plan of action. Check out this list of tips and tools to help you out. 

3. Pressure Washing

While we love the Pacific Northwest’s incredible greenery, we’re not fans of mildew, which can be a problem here. Pressure washing your driveway, sidewalks, and siding (if it’s made with vinyl, aluminum or fiber cement) are easy ways to clean up your home’s exterior. Here are some tips on what to clean and what to avoid when pressure washing.

4. Consider Painting

A fresh coat of paint on your home can go a long way. Although this DIY project is much more extensive and will require more planning, the results are sure to impress neighbors and potential buyers. Our advice is to select your color palette in advance, testing out actual samples vs. relying on swatches. For a smaller-scale project, consider painting your front door. Watch the video below to see how it can be done over three days. 

5. DIY Landscape Edging

A cost-effective and straightforward way to organize your lawn is using bricks or rocks to section off garden areas and flower beds. These garden edges will bring your home’s aesthetic together and give it a more organized look. Additionally, there are plenty of edging options to choose from, so it’s easy to find one to fit your style.

6. DIY Pathways 

Adding a pathway through your yard can make it more inviting, artfully leading guests from the front yard to the back, or around to a vegetable garden, gazebo, or hot tub. Not only will it give it a more organized look, but it can help draw attention to a certain area like a special bench or a favorite flower bed. Check out these thrifty pathway designs to get started on this fun DIY project.

7. Outdoor Lighting

Finally, we can’t forget about how your home looks in the evening. Having some warm yellow lights illuminating your walkway invites people in and welcomes you home on dark winter nights. Solar-powered LED lights are a great option. To get started, watch this video with landscape lighting ideas.