Community February 23, 2021

Community Spotlight: The Coffee Oasis in Kingston

With multiple locations in our region, The Coffee Oasis rallies communities together in support of their youth. Their mission? To provide youth with housing and the resources they need to survive and thrive. And, to brew a great cup of coffee while they’re at it! The Coffee Oasis is a nonprofit, faith-based organization that supports and empowers youth who are escaping violence, abuse, homelessness, and poverty. Their programs provide mental health services, job training, and short and long-term housing options, impacting hundreds of teenagers in Kitsap County and beyond.

Community Support

Seeing the need for this great work to be done in Kingston, a group of business leaders set up a steering committee. They asked The Coffee Oasis what it would take to get one set up. First, they needed to find a location and then they had to raise two years’ worth of revenue before being able to open one. The steering committee went to work, raising funds, purchasing the building, and raising awareness. “The community really stepped up to support The Coffee Oasis and the work that is done for youth in Kitsap,” says Cody Clark, the nonprofit’s Kitsap Community Development Lead. 

cody clark coffee oasis staff

Cody Clark is passionate about their work. He even proposed to his wife (also a staff member) at the Port Orchard cafe.


Our Windermere agents have also been involved in the development of The Coffee Oasis in Kingston, spending the last couple of Community Service Days working to help prepare for opening day. After eight years of preparation, The Coffee Oasis in Kingston finally opened its doors to the community in 2019. 

Windermere agents helping during past annual Community Service Days in Kingston. 

Perseverance through the Pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the Kingston center has been working with between four and twelve teenagers a day and has been hard at work planning COVID-safe events and programs.  “Our staff have had to be innovative during the pandemic!” explains Cody Clark. “Our outreach staff had to make a big effort to find youth, go to them and get the word out that our services are still available.”


The end of 2020 saw two holiday events to support youth. A Night Of Thankfulness and the annual Christmas Celebration. In November, The Coffee Oasis invited youth for a Thanksgiving dinner with staff and volunteers who wanted to express their love and dedication to supporting young adults in need. They also provided take-away containers to respect social distancing preferences. 

In December, various Coffee Oasis locations held Christmas celebrations while maintaining social distancing guidelines. 172 meals were served and 220 gifts were given to youth through the Family Christmas Project. “At the Kingston Coffee Oasis Christmas party, I witnessed some of our community’s youth receive presents, eat a Christmas dinner, and join in a gingerbread house decorating contest. What a gift to the community!” says Jet Woelke, Managing Broker at Windermere Kingston.



Recent Successes Here in Kingston

Since the pandemic started, The Coffee Oasis has seen a 150% growth in youth texting their crisis line. Staff members are always available to help youth in crisis, providing the resources and support they seek. “We had a youth in Kingston who was going through a lot, really trying to find themself,” says Cody. “They had support from staff and volunteers as they were trying to figure out who they really were, what they valued, and how they identified. This person came back to thank the staff for their support. This type of impact fuels Coffee Oasis and it strengths our community.”

Connect with The Coffee Oasis

The Kingston center is continually growing with the community’s support. You can stay updated on future events through their events calendar. “Coffee Oasis is making a huge difference for the youth in our community. Stop by and grab some coffee and take-out to support their work,” says Christine Todd, Broker. 100% of the proceeds from their coffee support The Coffee Oasis youth programs. And, one bag of their wonderful organic, fair-trade coffee beans (which you can purchase online) provides one day of a youth’s job internship! It’s an easy, delicious way to show you care.